We're a family traveling full time. After Amanda's Military Retirement from the Air Force... we decided to do life a little differently. We now home base on our Sailboat & travel the world.

We like to share about our adventures so that it helps you be able to use all your military benefits too! 

Salty Vagabonds

Even though we all know the AIR FORCE is the best branch of the military... Everyone is welcome here 😜

Mostly all of our tips are applicable to all branches so welcome to the Salty Vagabonds fam & lets get you using all the travel benefits you can!

Best part about being a veteran is seriously all the programs out there to give discounts to us! We have traveled the world and have done so many discounted activities and excursions using these benefits. 

Free & Discounted Activities and Excursions


There are so many military friendly chain hotels where you get heavy discounts for being a veteran! There's also housesitting! Learn how to make your travel budget go farther here. 

Free & Discounted Lodging and Hotels


Whenever possible we try and plan to utilize SpaceA travel. We also use Airlines that are military friendly and do our best to stack our points with discounts to get our flights  free when we're not flying SpaceA 

SpaceA Travel & Points


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John Muir

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are sandy."

I'm often refered to as the AFI Queen. Meaning that I'm always nose deep in the regulations of what I can and can't do. This has led me to usually knowing the rules on things especially on how I can maximize military benefits. 

Just a few Photos from my Military Service & a Little more about me

Being able to utilize SpaceA travel has been a huge benefit that I feel so incredibly fortunate to have. With this benefit I have traveled the world with my family on a very small budget.

This in conjunction with other benefits that have come from the military & civilian communities have led to even bigger savings in travel and I'm here to show you how you can do it too. Weather. you're currently serving, Retired or a Veteran there are huge savings in travel you're able to utilize. 



Everything you need to know about visiting Baja California Sur Mexico 

The best things to do in Paris France with kids + Interactive Map just for you

Paris France

Discover that flying free through military Space-A flights is easy with this Guide

Fly Space-A Free

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These Travel Guides are Free and you can save them for use later.

That way when I update them or add anything to them you always have the latest version. 

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Mom Hacks


This is what we use to make sure we pack everything we need when we travel to new places... & we want to share it with you! It's our gift to you. 

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